The degree of nuance and experimentation inherent to his approach makes it difficult to classify Andrew James. A virtuoso (in the strict sense of the word), his capacity for creating music that complements and augments his lyrical storytelling knows no bounds.

Watching Andrew wield the acoustic guitar, lap slide and banjo, using a unique and mesmerising finger-picking technique, is an experience in itself. His relationship to his instruments, from which he can coax sounds as diverse as they are expressive, is one of obvious intimacy, even love. His voice is alternately plaintive, nostalgic, innocent and angered as he considers the consequences of our thinking and our actions in uncertain times.

In 2011, Andrew James and the Steady Tiger worked with producer Aron-Turest Swartz (founder of Freshly Ground) to produce their debut album, ‘Red in Tooth and Claw’, a collection of ten hypnotically beautiful, sincere and thoughtful songs.


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