They’re big, blonde and beautiful, and they’re not afraid to throw their weight around.


1 + 0 = ?

Titi, Anthea and Zenobia celebrate everything that’s feminine. The trio weaves their way through all the bump ‘n grind New York musical hits with sprinkles of raunchy Mzansi’s Ipi Ntombi, giving you a humorous evening of songs about love, men and relationships. Unconventional beauty, an exquisite voice, the girl-next-door charm and self-deprecating humour gave Broadway memorable characters such as Mama Rose, Baby Snooks and Maria von Trapp. Titi, Anthea and Zenobia pave the way in Cape Town, and are arguably just as extraordinary.

As Broadway Babies unfolds with one magnificent song after another – tracing melodies that Broadway hasn’t seen since the great era of the ’60s, we embark upon a journey that lies reminiscent of the show-business boom, so resplendent of New York’s famous stage.