Errol Dyers has created his own signature sound best described under the genre of Cape jazz. Alongside veterans like Robbie Jansen and Basil Coetzee, Errol was part of the creation of the uniquely South African blend of “langarm” Afrikaans music and celebratory Cape Carnival tunes that is now known as Ghoema.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Errol is a self-taught musician who learnt his music on the street, drawing inspiration from the natural rhythms of both Cape Town and the people of the mother city, allowing people to interpret themselves through the music. Errol’s many releases include the albums ‘Sonesta’ and ‘Kou Kou Wa’, and his latest offering is a collaboration between himself, Hilton Schilder and Steve Newman, entitled ‘All in One’.

During Errol’s illustrious career he has performed, recorded and toured locally and internationally with many great artists, including the late Basil Coetzee, Winston Mankunku Ngozi, Abdullah Ibrahim, the late Robbie Jansen and McCoy Mrubata, to name but a few.


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