A performer of jazz and African-inspired grooves, Ivan has performed with internationally-acclaimed artists and at numerous international festivals in southern Africa, South America and Europe.

Mozambiquan-born saxophonist and composer, Ivan Mazuze released his debut album, ‘Maganda’, in 2009.

He holds an Honours degree in Jazz Studies and a Master’s degree in ethnomusicology from the University of Cape Town. His writings on music and trance in ritual practices have been published in educational magazines, including The Talking Drum. In addition to musical education, Mazuze believes in enriching music libraries around southern Africa and providing them with more research material relating to African music. Over the past two years, Ivan has been working with Norwegian-based cultural institutions like Norsk Kulturråd and the Norsk Jazz Forum to promote World jazz emerging in Norway.

He is currently music instructor in woodwind instruments for school bands in Oslo, through the Superinstruktørne organisation.


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