ZAMAR was founded in the heart of Stellenbosch when energetic young musicians from across South Africa, equally passionate about their music, came together to create a style which is both traditional and cosmopolitan.


2 + 5 = ?

Consisting of five highly talented and skilled male and female musicians, Zamar, which means “to celebrate with the plucking of strings”, was destined to be a runaway success. This vibrant group features Veronica (violin), Lyuda (vocals and accordion), Danica (djembe and percussion), Ignatius (bass) and Brian (vocals and guitar). Zamar’s repertoire is endless and diverse.  The group is of an international standard, truly unique and very up-market.  They hit home runs with their diversity and have perfected the art of captivating an audience.

During their performance they take you on a tour around the world; you will experience everything from gypsy to Golden Oldies, to African music and “boere” medleys! From Hungarian rhapsodies, Ukrainian folk melodies, South American Tangos, Irish folk music, traditional African songs, contemporary classics and many more.